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Restaurant Coach

Working all the time to find, share, and deliver Winning Strategies, Processes, and Innovations. I have muliple strategic partnerships with providers of products and services that benefit restaurants.

MM Restaurant Development, LLC is focused on coaching restaurant owners to build their brands from the inside out and achieve maximum economic value from their businesses.

Menu Analysis

We will work with you to provide a detailed analysis of your menu, your sales, and most importantly your profits. Menu Analysis is one of the most important aspects to overall profitabilty for your reataurant. There are a number of programs that are available to help accurately identify the overall profitablity and popularity of your menu offerings. Regrettably, far to many restaurateurs rely upon subjective criteria instead of objectivity when analyzing your menu. We will show you how to really drive profits through your menu.

Menu Design & Engineering

We work to enhance your brand throughout your menu. We will engineer your menu for enhanced profitabilty. Its not just your menu, it's your primary sales tool, your best branding device, and probably the single most important component of your business. Send me a copy of your menu and I will give you some feedback that is bound to make your guests happy, your staff happy, and most importantly your bank account happy.

OpenMenu Integration

Enjoy the benefits of OpenMenu integration included enhanced search and simple integration with your website and facebook profiles. As search becomes more and more local your potential guests are searching not for restaurants, but for what they want to eat. Your menu in one place on the internet and engaged with your social media and your website.

Social Business, not Social Media

What is the difference between Social Business and Social Media? We will show you the difference and enable you to benefit from social business in less than 15 minutes a day. I can help you really benefit from Social Business, not Social Media. Ultimately, "likes" and "followers" don't automatically mean butts in the seats and don't believe anyone who tells you they do.

Payroll System

Learn how you can save thousands in payroll costs. I work with one of the best providers in the industry, a company that understands the restaurant industry that has helped my clients take the headache out of payroll, while providing "peace of mind" with respect to regulatory issues, Obamacare, tip-credits, and benefit plans.

(540) 520 4706

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